La cabine d'´maillage

The lava stone from the Auvergne region once glazed with enamel and cooked at around 1 000°C, makes it possible to produce an infinite range of colour for either indoors or outdoors furniture. Before enamelling, the stone is pulled out of quarries in big blocks then sliced in different thickness depending on the demand and worked on to give its final look. For big surfaces like kitchen worktops or tables the enamelling is made with the help of a spray gun and for smaller surfaces and decoration items, brushes or pears are used to give finer details.



This technique allow you to draw a picture with a pencil directly on the lava stone then when you cover with enamel with brushes or pears, it is stopped (partitioned) by the carbon which delimit the different colour zone.

Paint colours  


Applied on an already enamelled stone, this technique allows you to draw finer and more precise pictures than the partitioning technique. Cooked at around 820°C the glazed colours give more of a painting look.


On an uncooked enamel background, oxides will colour the enamel which have been stencilled before. This can be worked using different techniques but always gives a natural look.



Allow to reproduce all types of documents (pictures, drawings...) with the help of a computer. Documents will be transferred into enamel and cooked on a lava stone. This technique gives a very good resolution and allows producing on series.

But also...  

With all these techniques we can also create different styles with different raw material such as gold or platinum. We can also use screen-printing or stencilling using our cutting machine...

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